Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Holiday Travel

"Cat Rides 150 Miles in Car's Engine, OK"
(taken from the New York Times)

OK? Do you mean Totally Awesome? "Cat Rides 150 Miles in Car's Engine, Totally Awesome" makes more sense.

The cat's name is Tracker. Apparently this trip cost him "a life or two", either that or the reporter assigned to this story puts too much faith in old wives' tales. According to officials who know about the feline capacities for engine travel, "he probably survived the 150-mile trip in the Chevrolet Tracker because the woman did not stop." Right, you noticed that the article lists the cat's name as Tracker and then refers to a Chevrolet Tracker. We will never know who rode whom. Um, also, why did he survive because she didn't stop? Never mind, I guess there's absolutely no reason to qualify this otherwise unsustained claim.

"'It's been a bigger year for kittens and cats particularly,' Verduin said as she pointed to a sign on one of the shelter's walls stating that one cat and its offspring can produce 420,000 cats in seven years."

I think that the figure on this poster applies to cats in any SEVEN YEAR PERIOD, based on regressive statistical models, but according to this super genius (who also uses the Biologist's term "intense kitty-crying" elsewhere in the article) it only goes further to prove her point that 2003 was the Year of the Cat!

Ugh, just forget it.


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