Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Margin of Error of +/- 100%

There is an article in this morning's New York Times indicating that President Bush's approval ratings have shot up since the capture of Saddam Hussein. While this does not surprise me, it does make me wonder just what it is that President Bush did that earned him this renewed vote of confidence? If I remember correctly, he was in Washington at the time of SH's capture, and had been in Washington for quite some time. Did he ferret out a major lead in the case? Was he responsible for breaking the will of much-needed informants?

Giving him credit for SH's capture is a lot like giving Ronald McDonald an employee of the month award for the stunning sales numbers at the drive-thru window at McDonald's #12,499. While Ronald McDonald has been known to do some representation work for McD #12,499's parent organization, he's just a guy in a suit, who's never manned a fryer.


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