Friday, December 19, 2003

Shared Moment

I really wish I had had this journal back in 2000, when I worked for Starlight Entertainment, and the head of the company called me into his office and had a total nervous breakdown. Have you ever seen a grown man not only cry, but have thick, glutinous snot run down his face and fall onto his DKNY turtleneck as he explained how his estranged wife had just told him that she had stolen his life's savings, was dissolving their business, and divorcing him? I have seen it, but unfortunately I did not have a forum in which to write about it, and so its nuances are lost.

If you used to own Starlight Entertainment, and you called me into your office to have a nervous breakdown, and then afterwards you went home and wrote about it in your diary, please, PLEASE get in touch with me, John, I would love to get a copy of your entry for that day. Thanks.


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