Monday, December 22, 2003

Wake Up Sleepies!

I have this recurring dream.

In the dream I awake and it is eight a.m., the time I should be arriving at work. Somehow, my alarm (made of gold) has not gone off (I did not hear the customary "RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE" morning greeting). But now, and here's where it gets weird, instead of calling the office frantically to apologize for being late and assure them that I will be in as soon as possible, instead, because this is a dream, I don't do anything. I simply lie in bed as three nubile princesses bring me eggs and coffee, and I get to work when I damn well fucking feel like it, because I'm in charge.


But then I woke up and almost fucking cried, I was so late to my job that I would hate so much to lose because I love it.

(NOTE: This is my 200th entry. I am so awesome. It is incredible how awesome I am, and a lot of times I think about it. AWESOME!)


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