Thursday, January 15, 2004


That is my literal transcription of a triple-take.

A woman representing Concerned Women of America, a right-wing Christian organization, compared President Bush's hesitation to push through a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to the government's (pre Civil War) avoidance of outlawing slavery. (New York Times article "Bush's Push for Marriage Falls Short for Conservatives")

It is interesting how she compares the government's refusal to constitutionally outlaw civil rights to gays to the government's refusal to constitutionally grant civil rights to blacks. And by interesting I mean amazingly stupid. It is surprising to me that the Christian Right even still exists. Not because I think the world is made up of particularly intelligent or rational people, but because whenever they express their opinions on issues of the day their logic is so confounding that I wonder how they manage to spell their names, much less lead the type of lives that would lead to political success and or financial security. These people should honestly be trying to wash my windshield with a dirty rag, not running the country.


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