Friday, January 16, 2004

As if internet dating services didn't already seem like bastions for the most desperate and panic-stricken singles, how come aforementioned singles always have to post pictures that scream "if you want a real loser, here I am, ready and willing to disappoint you!"

If I see one more Vixen 892 making a pouty face up at the camera and baring a shoulder through her tanktop, or some grinning curly-haired goof who just loves to have fun and doesn't understand why nice guys are so unlucky in love, I will...I will...why are nice guys so unlucky in love?

Seriously, though, why can't these losers do what everyone else does when they get lonely, go to a titty bar and wait until you meet Mr./Ms. perfect when you both try to hail the same cab? Because everyone knows love strikes hardest when you and your soul mate try to hail the same cab.


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