Wednesday, January 14, 2004

No News Is BAD News

I looked through the entire New York Times today and there was NO MENTION of the upcoming, totally balls-out awesome Alien Vs. Predator movie. What gives NYT? The baddest battle of the century wasn't good enough for your paper? Not even seventh page below the fold, in a tiny box smaller than the ad for that Tiffany's watch?

Listen, I know that Howard Dean is running for president, okay. What I don't know, but feel I MUST know, is what is going to happen when Alien and Predator do battle! You want to serve the people? You want to do quality reporting? Here is a major scoop, sitting on your face, peeing in your nose and mouth, and you ignore it.

Fellows, please boycott the NYT until they start giving a fair and balanced picture of world events. For all the shit he gets, I bet Bill O'Reilly has at least MENTIONED AVP once on his show. And shit, this is the kind of story that Fox News was created for.

Yet another instance of the liberal Jew media keeping the American people in the dark.


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