Monday, January 12, 2004

Remember John Ritter? Well He's Dead

This weekend I saw a lot of people rolling on the floor in broken glass. Normally, we might feel the urge to call this type of person "an idiot." In this case, they preferred the term "musician." Whatever. All I have to say is I hope they cut some sense into themselves.

I did get to see some funny television. Two things:

1) Two people in a dog park dressed up in dog costumes. One of the people-dogs goes up to the other, ready to play. The second people-dog turns and blows an air-horn into the first people-dog's face, sending him to the ground clutching his bleeding ears. Then the second people-dog kicks the first people-dog repeatedly and then throws the air-horn at his head.

2) Some fool got made over on Gay Guy for the Straight Guy, and this fool works on television, so on his first day back to work he was sitting in the makeup girl's chair and had this conversation:
Fool: I think of myself as a pretty witty person, but when it comes to hanging out with the gay people...
Makeup Girl: You're not actually that witty.
Fool: It's just not happenin'. It's not happenin'. If I was a gay person, I would be a very quiet gay person.
Makeup Girl: You would be dead.

Ha ha ha. He would be dead. Then he would go to hell, because he would be a gay person.


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