Monday, February 09, 2004


There is this commercial:

Two guys in suits and ties are sitting together, eating lunch. The pudgy one bites into his sandwich and says "mmm, good BLT," the other guy says "yeah." Then the pudgy one slurps some soup and says "good soup, too," and the other guy says "yeah." Then the pudgy guy says "you know, this tastes just like mom used to make," and the other guy says "uh, she did make it," and then the camera cuts to the woman behind the counter wearing her visor and apron. It's mom! "Hi boys," she says, waving. Then we are told that we should eat at Tim Horton's.

Okay, first of all: if you are eating lunch at Tim Horton's, unless that lunch is donuts, you should kill yourself afterwards because not only are you fat, you are also stupid. Moreover, how depressing is this commercial? Your mom fucking works at a donut store, and not even an American owned donut store, a fucking Canadian owned donut store. When you are done killing yourself for eating lunch at Tim Horton's, you should put your mom out of her misery. These boys were well dressed, why can't they take care of their own mother that she has to work at a fucking donut store? And what a fucking asshole that this guy didn't notice his own MOM making him lunch behind the counter. Do you know why he didn't recognize her? Because he assumed that everyone in food service is Hispanic!

Speaking of advertisements and Hispanic people, have you seen that new Panchero's commercial where there is a mentally-retarded breaded jalapeno popper singing a song about chips and salsa? That is a good commercial. The only thing funnier than singing food is mentally-retarded singing food, or wheelchair-bound singing food.


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