Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Burning Down Jayson Blair's Master's House

You'd think with the whole Judith Miller scandal still being tried in a court of law, not to mention the Jayson Blair scandals and what not, that the New York Times would be a little more careful in their reporting. But nay! In today's paper there is an article dealing with the contradictory fact that while the problem of obesity continues to "grow" in this country, McDonald's and other fast food chains remain one of the largest providers of dining options in our nation's hospitals. Take a look at the very first paragraph:

"Under the smiling clown-face of Ronald McDonald, a woman and her 5-year-old daughter had spread before them a burger, Chicken McNuggets and fries. Nearby, a young couple were enjoying two Quarter Pounders with cheese. A neurologist was downing some hot cakes."

Burger, nuggets, fries, Quarter Pounders with cheese, HOT CAKES? I'm not saying that the reporter (I KNOW YOU, MARC SANTORA!) is just flat-out making this stuff up, but, yes I am. You're trying to tell me that this woman was feeding her daughter burgers and nuggets, while a young couple sat nearby enjoying Quarter Pounders, all before 10:30 AM? I call bullshit when I read it, Santora. Bullshit!


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