Thursday, October 14, 2004

Honey for Petzi

When I lived in Switzerland I knew this guy named Matthieu (that's Traitor for Matthew) who was pretty funny and anyway there is this sort of hard-to-believe story about Matthieu, which he told me himself right after it happened, which is that he was in the library and heard his favorite song come over the loudspeaker. "This is amazing," he thought to himself. "This is my favorite song!" After the song ended, you can imagine his surprise when his second favorite song came on. "Oh my god," he thought. "Seriously, this is crazy, they're playing all my favorite music," an amazement that only grew as a third and fourth total jam played in a row. It was only when he left the library and could still hear his favorite songs that he realized he was wearing a Walkman (megabass!). Now, why Matthieu never stopped to wonder why Weezer was being played in THE LIBRARY (bibliotheque! rehv!) is sort of beside the point because Matthieu was funny, like I already said, but the reason I waste my time writing all this is because I've just been having a total Matthieu moment because instead of listening to internet radio like I usually do at work, I'm just listening to the songs I've saved into the computer, which were all from the CDs I carry around in my car, and I was like "Oh my God, internet radio is ON FUCKING FIRE today!"

Au revoir, connards!


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