Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm Sorry, Babies

I've got fucking lady troubles, AGAIN!

No one has said anything, but I'm almost positive that Avril knows I've been fooling around with Amy Poehler, because she's been sort of quiet around the apartment, and she's taken to wearing the necktie her ex-boyfriend gave her, which she only wears when she wants to "make a point" about how "[I'm] dispensable". Whatever. Look, okay, no, I haven't been totally honest with Avril, but this is the first time something like this has ever happened. It's not like I've been running around on her. I'd never do that, except for now, how I'm doing that. What I think is really bothering Avril isn't even that I'm getting some on the side, but that she thinks that she's prettier and way famouser than Amy. She is, kind of, but Amy is just so funny that it kind of makes her weird smile and google eyes even more attractive. And she dresses like a woman, so that's cool. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I don't like to have to take studded chokers off a girl's neck just to make out, and I'm tired of jelly bracelet burns on my back and shoulders. I probably should have just been honest in the first place, but now I like totally don't know what to do!

Also, MENTAL NOTE (in the form of a diary note): must draw more distinctive line of demarcation between products used in self-abuse and products used to condition hair. They say scent is the strongest trigger of memory (some say it is stronger than steel), and after washing hair this morning, many unwanted memories of last night's porno are making work difficult and very, very nasty.


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