Wednesday, October 20, 2004

No, Seriously, I AM The Saddest Person Who's Ever Lived. Laguna Beach Proves That.

I started watching this documentary last night called Bus 174 about this hostage crisis in 2000 in Rio De Janeiro where this former street kid turned street adult tried to rob a bus and then the SWAT team (they have SWAT in Brazil, ay-ay-ay) showed up and that is when he took 11 hostages. The point of the documentary is basically to examine the socio-politico-economico ramifications of the event, not just how it happened by why it happened, and what it is about poverty that makes such an event unavoidable and important to understand. I've only watched the first half, but, and I say this in all earnestness, it's really heartbreaking, and it's one of those rare moments that I have in my life where I'm like, "Perhaps I am not the saddest person who has ever lived. Perhaps working as hard as one can to get laid and feeling disappointed when it doesn't happen is not the reason we were put on this Earth. I've never had to sleep on a street corner and pray that during the night a disgruntled person of higher social standing than myself didn't come and drop a paving stone on my head. I have never had my mom killed before my eyes when I was six and then forced, without anyone else to turn to, to simply survive." Then I was like, "Wait a second, new Laguna Beach is on tonight, isn't it?"

Actually, I did see a clip of Laguna Beach last night and these two girls were sitting on a beach that I have to assume is THE Laguna Beach, and one of them is reading this letter she got from BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY, and first off, I just, it's so painful to watch if you are older than 17 because you know that acceptance letters to universities tend not to come on their own, but rather in a big manila envelope filled with residence halls applications and stuff, but she reads it just like in the movies where she's all excited through almost the whole letter until she gets to the "Due to the record number of highly-qualified applicants who applied this year we are sorry to inform you..." and then she starts stuttering and I'm like, "Wait, you got rejected from BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY? I didn't know that was even possible." Then the girls hug and I'm like, "Come on, experiment with your sexuality!"


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