Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rap the Vote

I always thought that girls were stupid, but this is outrageous.

Some of you may have heard of Puff Daddy because he has been in a lot of songs about black people's situations and tribulations and he has also does a dance one time with a man on the tv in a street at night time. Now he is trying to make all the kids of America to be voting for people as Presidents and his slogo is VOTE OR DIE. You can be seeing this for a free price on the webternet at web place.

Oops, sorry, that was my best Jonathan Safran Foer impersonation.

Anyhow, as ridiculous as I might find the whole PD get-out-the-vote campaign, with the ultimate mind boggler being that commercial I saw on MTV where it's just him in front of a black background with that "Vote or Die!" shirt on doing a dance and pointing at the words on the shirt, but what really bothers me is that you can buy the t-shirt on the citizenchange website for THIRTY DOLLARS. Not only that, but all of the midriff baring tiny tees for women are SOLD OUT. I figured maybe the money from the t-shirts would all go to the Democratic National Committee, but, although that may still be the case, it is not mentioned on the site anywhere that I can find, and it is certainly not used as a selling point.

Okay, wait, just after writing that I found this:

"And no movement is complete without its own fashion statement. Citizen Change has formed an unprecedented partnership with the top designers in the youth market place: Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Ecko, Russell Simmons for Phat Farm and of course Sean John, all of whom have been commissioned to design a limited edition series of T-Shirts that feature the Vote or Die! slogan. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to Citizen Change and its voter registration efforts."

Now, not only do I think that the comment about every movement having a fashion statement is retarded and highlighting of the totally specious nature of this entire endeavor, but SERIOUSLY: Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Ecko, Phat Farm and Sean John couldn't come up with a better t-shirt than an oversized ringer with the words Vote or Die! on it? That alone seems to hint that the proceeds from this endeavor are going to be used to send Kimora a basket of Dean and Deluca brownies to help ease the loss of her cat rather than promoting any kind of real political change.

Here are some other highlights from the "About Citizen Change" page of the website:

"Founded by businessman, entertainer, actor, producer and designer Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs, Citizen Change has one mission: to make voting hot, sexy and relevant to a generation that hasn't reached full participation in the political process."


"Everyday young cultural leaders influence millions of young people to exercise their $890 billion in buying power to purchase the latest fashion, music, cars and bling. The political parallel is obvious. The same way we would market a Biggie Album, a Sean John sweat suit or a Spiderman movie will be the same way we promote the urgency to vote on Election Day."


"In the spirit of a true P. Diddy 're-mix', Citizen Change has reinvented the process of mobilizing young people and minorities to the polls. Where in the past politicians have failed to appeal to the youth, Citizen Change has created an undeniable campaign by amassing its own 'Coalition Of the Willing' which include such luminaries as Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Ellen DeGeneres, Ashton Kutcher, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige and Drew Barrymore. Together they will spin the infectious message of Vote or Die! to every corner of youth culture, resonating the importance and sexiness of being politically informed and active. If you are young you will have no choice but to join the movement.



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