Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dear Fans

Dear Fans,

I'm just getting back from my honeymoon and it was absolutely breathtaking! This is the happiest I've ever been in my life, although since you don't know me, it's not like you have anything to compare it to. I could be totally miserable and still be the happiest ever, y'know? It's weird, putting things in perspective. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm in college. Unfortunately, we couldn't take our honeymoon right after the wedding because of the closing on our new house. We are just settling into our new home and it is coming together perfectly. I'm redecorating a lot of things because when we decide to start a family, everything in it needs to be perfecto! I love decorating; it's very therapeutic for me. I believe your house is a reflection of yourself, so I want everything in mine to be trashy and like a poor person's house would be if suddenly a poor person got a lot of money.

My new hobby is experimenting with all different types of art lessons. It's always been a passion of mine, which is why it is my new hobby. Maybe I'll even do my sister's make-up next year for big events like her first abortion! Jamie Lynn is turning into such a beautiful little lady, and I can call her a lady if you, and the visitor, know what I mean. Her new show is coming out soon and I am sooo proud of her. It's called Zoey 101 and it will be on Nickelodeon in January. DON'T MISS IT! I LOVE NICKELODEON!

I haven't really thought a lot about work lately, or what I jokingly refer to as work. What better time for a greatest hits album to come out, before I ruin my career with a string of flat, poorly-selling records that display my true lack of talent? I can actually enjoy & reflect on my success at this point in my life. 23 is so old! But wise! I may be disappointing some fans out there, but I don't think I'll do another tour for a couple of years. You'll have to go somewhere else to find an erotic, whimsical hotel where "wondrous dreams are realized, and the darkest of secrets are revealed". My priorities in life have changed since two years ago when I was 21. I am having fun again reading all the magazines that I enjoy (mainly because I am not on them). Big "hey-ya" to Cat Fancy. At this point and time, what I want is not my face on every cover, but someone else's instead, which is a really weird construction to just say that I don't want to be on magazine covers for awhile, but hey, I gotta be me, y'all. I really want to help other people achieve their dreams and possibly even develop new artists, or just develop their dreams, like a big dream diary. I don't even know. I'll ask Kevin what I mean later. Everything is in the very beginning stages and it feels great to just think about different opportunities that I am interested in pursuing, like my new hobby, being supergood at art.

The Holiday's are right around the corner and I can't wait to have my own white, aluminum-framed fake Christmas tree in my very own house. As far as New Year's plans, I really wanted to have a huge party for all our friends and relatives who were unable to be at our wedding, due to the last minute surprise element, but I think we might have to wait until after the house is completely finished. Oooh, and I've already got a New Year's Resolution! Learning how to spell Holiday's correctly!

Well, I've got to go. My dog, Lacy, just got fixed and she's not acting like herself! Man, that dog used to FUCK like CRAZY. I'm going to have Shabby Chic re-cover her bed and maybe that will lift her spirits!

Love, B

PS ~ Regarding last week's letter: I'm not the type of person to put blame on other people unless it's their fault or I don't want it to be my fault, but I do feel that some things which were done for me were not always in my best interests. (Stop reading my personal letters to my fans if you don't like what you're going to hear, J!) Looking back, I feel now that on my 4th album "less is more" should have been the way to go. Other than the production quality on my 4th album, there's probably other things that weren't in my best interest, like forcing me into entertainment at age seven, but it was all pretty cool, really the production on my 4th album--which was just TOO MUCH!--is the big one! As for me quitting the business for good, that is kind of harsh. I have a husband to support, people's! As I said earlier, my priorities have changed and I am going to be focusing on three main areas of my life for the immediate future. Myself, my husband, Kevin and starting a family, which looks like four, but if you go back and read it you'll see I just missed a parenthetical comma. When I really come back, things will be totally different. For one, I will know how to paint in acrylics! Until then, there are some things close to me that you might be interested in seeing. For one, you will be able to get a taste of my fine hubby on a few covers (he tastes kind of sweat mixed with cigarettes and Flamin' Hot Cheeto's powder); Jamie Lynn has her show coming out and of course, the tabloid's weekly analysis of my "letter of truth". Hopefully, they won't be trying to decipher that one for much longer! It was written in a code I like to call Bringlish! I can't wait to read what they say this week. He He! Well, now I've really got to go!

Love ya,



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