Thursday, November 04, 2004

Every Day Is Like Tuesday

This first part is just for the gay, so you should only read it if you're on my friends list.

Gay: I'm starting to think that God really does hate you, just like all the Christians say. Because, seriously, what has he done for you lately? Not to get too discouraged, because God used to hate black people and look how great they're doing now, basking in His love! And God also hated the Jew for his horns and his control of the medias, and now He only dislikes the Jew!

Anyhows, tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my diary! I have posted over one million boring entries! That's 2,740 boring posts a day! But seriously, a lot has happened in the past year. I got my hair cut six times, I lived in four different houses, I went to see THE LORD OF THE RINGS, and one time I cried on the bathroom floor. 200LJ was the BEST YEAR OF THE YEAR!

I'm writing all of this now because I will not have time to update tomorrow as me and my diary are going to be celebrating her birthday in New York City America A-Okay! Freedom is on the march, and so is my diary! Four more years! Four more years!



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