Friday, November 12, 2004

It's the Monos, Babies!

I think I've got the monos, babies. Three times this week I've overslept by an hour. Oh no! The monos! This morning, while I was oversleeping, I had a dream about Mec, and he was wandering around the apartment, and when I picked him up he turned into a coffee mug, and so I poured some coffee into him and set him on a table and was petting the side of this steaming hot mug of coffee, and then Mec poked his head out and started to walk away and I was like, "Mec, no! You've got coffee in you, you're going to spill it everywhere." When the fuck did I turn into some shitty, acid-flashback-having hippy?

Clown Coffee was just in my cube and we spent about fifteen minutes talking about how we didn't like fat people. But we both agreed that if fat people would just lose some weight, we'd like them fine. So don't worry, fatties. You can still be friends with me and Clown Coffee when you become physically attractive.

If you're going into town, could you pick me up some lube. I need it. For my pussy.


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