Monday, November 01, 2004

Pizza Pizza President

I've been hearing a lot of nightmare scenarios for tomorrow's election, like what if Colorado splits its electoral votes and Bush takes Wisconsin but Kerry gets New Mexico and the electoral college stands at 269 for each candidate and the congress gets to legislatively choose who wins and so George Bush gets "chosen" for the office.

But what no one is discussing is the wet dream scenario for tomorrow's election, which will only be possible if we, the internet dream-diary community, get our "dream notes" into as many eyes as possible, and mobilize the INTERNET YOUTH ARMY. Were we all to ban together, for the very first time in history, a write-in candidate for President could win, and that write-in candidate could be pizza. Pizza would make an amazing President, just like it makes an amazing meal. So get to the polls tomorrow, and vote Pizza. I promise that, once elected, pizza will receive a 65 percent approval rating, or higher.


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