Monday, November 08, 2004


Last night, New York City was kind enough to remind me why I moved away from there in the first place, when I nearly shit my pants. Let me say this: I have lived in many cities, including Europe, and I have never ever felt like I was going to shit my pants except in New York City, where it happens all the time. Man, that place never sleeps!

I'm going to just say some other things about New York City, and then I think I'm going to stop talking about it, but man, what a great weekend. I spent so much money! Ha ha! That's so fun! I would like in particular to thank Doothy for making Tortilla Soup, because I'd never had Tortilla Soup before but I knew from seeing the preview for Tortilla Soup that it unleashes all that is erotic and sensual in the human soul, and also brings families together, and that's what happened. None of the other people who need thanking or MORE RECOGNITION, WORLD have diaries, because they are TOO BUSY LEADING MAJOR ACTION LIFESTYLES, so I won't even speak of them. Also, last night in Dumbo, before dinner, I beat a dyke at pool.

Basically, this is a post that says that Worker #3116 is back.


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