Friday, November 19, 2004


The Free-Masons are a secret society founded at the time that the pyramids were being built. From the time of the ancient Egyptions, a great treasure started to be collected. Every time the owners of the treasure would be attacked, more would be added to the treaure, so it would get greater. In the middle ages, a group of knights found this treasure under Soloman's Temple in Jerusulem. The knights decided that a treasure that great would be too much for one man to own. They then swore to protect the treasure, and loaded it up onto ships and brought it to North America. All of the United States founding fathers were free-masons, and they swore to protect the treasure as well. They hid it somewhere in the country, and left clues to finding the treasure on money, in ships, and even in the declaration of independence. This brings you to present day when you meet up with Benjaman Franklin Gates who is a modern free-mason, and is searching for the treasure from clues that his father, grandfather, and great grandfather had found. He continues to find more clues, and then he finds out that the next set of clues is on the back of the Declaration of Independence. But they are invisible. No one in the government will let him look at it since the clues are invisible, and then his ex-partner in searching for the treasure plans to steal the Declaration. Since no one will believe Gates that the Declaration is at risk, or that their is a map on the back, he decides to steal it himself to protect it from being destroyed. Gates gets to the Declaration of Independence first and is successful at stealing it. The only problem is that he used a credit card to buy some duplicates in a gift shop, so the govenment knows all of his information. He has to run, and while running from the govenment, he contintues to search for more clues that he found on the back of the declaration. This leads him to the Liberty Bell where he finds a pair of x ray glasses invented by Ben Franklin. This allows him to see the next clue, which leads under a church in New York City, into a tomb, and then into a huge underground tunnel that goes straight down and seems bottomless. He is accompanied by his ex-partner at this point who is holding Gates and his friends as hostages so they could tell him the clues. After some trickery, Gates finds the treasure, and donates 99% of it to the world's museams.


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