Tuesday, November 23, 2004

When Civil Rights Goes Wrong

I have always hated Lil' John, and although I can't say that I really know much about the Eastside Boyz, I'm just going to go ahead and make the leap and say that I hate them too. It is not enough that his music just sucks ass so hard you're hungry a few seconds later, but that he is a living, breathing clown. When white people used to be (or still are) scared of their daughters marrying a black man and having black people move into their neighborhoods and having black people even just be considered as 100% human beings rather than just 66.666%, it was Lil' John that they were thinking of in defense of their bigotry, and although I'm not a real big fan of racism, I have to say that THEY HAVE A POINT. Granted, the Chappelle Show has already done a perfectly good job of skewering this asshole, but I will point out that I hated Lil' John long before the Chappelle Show did anything about it. You know how people are always acting like total tools, and being like "It sucks that everyone likes Interpol now, I was totally into them, like, so long ago that Paul Banks wasn't even born yet"? You know how people do that? Well I've got a new thing, and it's pointing out things that I hated way before everyone else hated it. Consider this my first public announcement. More to come, I'm sure. So, anyway, today I saw this and it expresses everything that I hate about Lil' John, everything. EVERYTHING. If Lil' John is reading this right now, you make me want to hate crime.



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