Friday, December 03, 2004

Comparison Shopping/Marriage

Late-20's-aged women of my office, I've got something to say!

This one time, I was at the grocery store and I wanted 60 watt lightbulbs, but it seemed like they were out of them. So I went to one of the stockers in the canned vegetables aisle and told him that I wanted 60 watt lightbulbs but couldn't find any. So he went to look with me at the lightbulb section, which I'd already totally gone through. Then he called a manager over, who also looked through the lightbulbs, and then the manager said she would check in the back to see if maybe they'd come in but they just hadn't been shelved yet. So she was gone for, like, ten minutes, and I went and got some other stuff in my basket, like a frozen pizza, and some canned crushed tomatoes for pasta sauce, and 2% milk, which is the kind of milk I drink to get strong. Finally, she came back and said that there weren't any in the back, and she'd talked with the inventory manager who said that lightbulbs usually come in on Mondays, so if I wanted to check back then they'd probably have some in stock. I then went to the checkout and bought the items I've already mentioned, along with some eggs, four Danon yogurts, and a small head of boston lettuce for sandwich making, small because I don't need that much lettuce.

Did you find this story interesting? That is because it is slightly more interesting than your stories about how great it is now that you're married.


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