Monday, December 06, 2004


They say love changes a man, and I'm here to tell you that this is true. Her name is Asia. She is a negress. She works in talent and event promotions. She is moving to Orlando in January. She loves her job. She wears backless silk shirts. She'd never been to that bar before, either. We have a lot in common, for example we both love my tan H&M winter visor and my beard. And you know what they say about dark berries and juice.

So, goodbye IAmJamieSabuda. You are so crazy. I hope that when you weld a six-foot long sword to your car and inadvertently cut people down on the sidewalk, that your "Pedestrian Beware" defense gets you off the hook. I hope that people in VT are as willing and able to buy you beer and doritos and pickles and whatever the fuck else you're always making everyone buy you here. I hope your dream kitchen becomes a reality kitchen. Relax!

Meanwhile, here's a fun little fact: one night, after a very heated D&D campaign, Macy Gray fucked the shit out of Bjork and they gave birth to a beautiful little white girl that they named Joanna Newsom and then they sent her off on a voyage of the seas!

Who do you think I get for Secret Semite? I bet it's FirstLastAlways! Maybe I can rescue that "Wage Slave" tee-shirt McCullen found from the trash. I'll have to dye it black, though.


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