Thursday, December 09, 2004

Read This Thing That I Wrote About This Thing Someone Else Wrote About The Guy Who Killed Pantera

I was just reading this A.P. wire report about the guy who shot Pantera, and it said "A gunman charged onstage at a packed nightclub and opened fire on the band and crowd, killing top heavy metal guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott and three other people before a police officer shot him to death, authorities and witnesses said." What I realized about this sentence was that I really like the expression "shot him to death." It's kind of like saying "I read this thing that someone wrote," or "I got sick with a disease that's bad for you." I know that you can shoot someone without killing them, of course I know that. And, in thinking about it, I realized that I couldn't find a better, more succinct way of expressing what that expression expresses. But I still thought that it was funny, unlike the family members of the people who died, because when you're grieving for a loved one, food don't taste as good. Food, here, is a metaphor for laughter.

Byeeeeeee, Pantera.


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