Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Scenes From My Life As Metaphors For The Year That Is Ending And The Year That Is Still To Come


When I arrived in Switzerland, it was a cold, gray, rainy Sunday in October. All of the stores were closed, and the streets were virtually empty. I decided to walk around and see what this place was all about, so I took my walkman, and the third volume of a mix-tape trilogy Brother Russia had made for my trip. Walking through the center of town, with absolutely no one else around, and listening to Colors and the Kids*, I started crying, thinking that there could not be a sadder place in the whole world than inside my head.


I saw this Bollywood video at 5 Star Punjabi, in Long Island City, this one time, which featured a man dressed up in a very snappy suit, singing some crazy song while he danced down the street, backed by a whole gang of other guys in snappy suits and maybe some ladies in short dresses or something. Anyhow, he danced and sang all the way to this brown** Lincoln Continental and then he popped open the trunk and it was filled with ice and bottles of champagne and he just started passing them out and everyone popped open their bottles and there was foam everywhere!

*Song heard at this moment was actually Taking People, as the mix-tape trilogy was made in the summer of 1998, and Moon Pix was not released until September 22 of that year. Sentimentally, though, Colors and the Kids just feels like a more appropriate song for this memory.

**I am not positive that the Lincoln Continental was brown. It may have been another color. I am positive that I was eating Chicken Tikka Masala at the time, and that I have yet to find a Chicken Tikka Masala anywhere that is better (or even as good) as the Chicken Tikka Masala at 5 Star Punjabi.


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