Friday, December 03, 2004

Subjects: I Am Worker #3116. Everything Is Worker #3116. The Control Worker #3116.

Once again, IAmJamieSabuda is moving. This is his last weekend before he leaves. So last night I was talking with him on the phone, and somehow, like a magician with just one, useless spell, he makes everything so complicated. Someone needs to give that guy a Sparks to calm him down. Anyhow, this is a little bit like how it went:

Worker #3116: Well, I'd really like to see you this weekend before you leave.
IAmJamieSabuda: I know, me too.
Worker #3116: So...let's hang out.
IAmJamieSabuda: Alright, well, are you free on Friday and Saturday?
Worker #3116: Totally.
IAmJamieSabuda: Okay, well, maybe I'll just come over on Friday.
Worker #3116: Okay.
IAmJamieSabuda: FUCK! Wait, I think there's something going on on Friday.
Worker #3116: That's fine, we can just come meet up with you.
IAmJamieSabuda: Shit, I totally forgot.
Worker #3116: It's fine.
IAmJamieSabuda: FUCK! I think there's something going on on Saturday!
Worker #3116: Why don't you just decide what you want to do, since it's your last weekend, and then call me and tell me what you're doing, and I will do that thing too.
IAmJamieSabuda: GOD DAMN IT!
Worker #3116: Okay, so call me tomorrow.
IAmJamieSabuda: I'll call you. JESUS CHRIST!

Do you know how sometimes a particular album just bores you and bores you and bores you until one day it sounds totally different and absolutely necessary? That is what has happened this week with M83's Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts. Jesus Christ, that thing fucking killed me every time I heard it, but now it fucking KILLS me, do you see the difference? Still, I can't help but feel like this album is just a poor man's Everything Is Wrong for my generation. (NOTE: the expression "for my generation" means that this is a generalized comparison, so don't start being all like, "But Worker #3116, Everything Is Wrong has generic black lady vocal overdubs and still smells like 4 Bears Waterpark!" I'm just saying, is all.)

Big ups to OK Tiger for bringing over The Control Room last night. Fun time Thursdays FOREVER! YAY! SARCASM!


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