Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Take Me Home, To A Hole In My Tree Where I Store Nuts For Winter. Get It?

Have you heard the new hit from Terror Squad (TERROR SQUUAAAAAD!), "Take Me Home"? It's very very sexy, with supersexy lines like:

"Yous a big girl, eat it up, now tell ya friend to hold your hair while you eatin' up"

"I know you hear them breathin like you been possessed by a demon"

"3 in the mornin and actin indecent"

But, now that you're turned way on, listen to the chorus:

She wanna take me home, lay me up inside her home
She wanna turn me on, breakfast in the mornin'
She said "Daddy let me take ya home, papi let me take ya home"
And I said "Mami you can take me home if you let the whole crew get on" (bitch)

That part in the third line, that part in quotations, "Daddy...home," that's supposed to be the super hot girl that you can't wait to, like, totally do it with all the time...except, IT'S SUNG IN A CHIPMUNK VOICE. You nasty, Fat Joe.


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