Monday, June 06, 2005

Ask Again Later

This weekend was largely a bad vibe, starting with NEXTFest 2005 on Friday, and carrying on to the part where Worker #3116 goes to a party and is reminded why he formulated the No Party Rule in the first place. To the New Order guy who licked my hand while I tried to protect Lauren Hill from being assaulted in the bathroom, you are going to need more than a Flock of Seagulls haircut to impress me, and more than a skinny tie on a red and black pinstriped shirt to defend your body from the coming attack.

I think McCullen summed it up best when he retired to the living room to watch The Chappelle's Show Season Two on mute. Message: today is the day that laughter died.

Last night's furious rain battle may have washed the bad times away, but I'm not sure yet. It did spray a lot of dirt and leaves on my car and knock down some branches. Lisa Kudrow would like me to think differently, though. She would like to remind me that badtimes are available on HBO, Sundays at 9:30. BOOOOO! Comeback this.


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