Tuesday, June 07, 2005


BEN Affleck, bilingual bon vivant? He was in a Toronto hotel elevator with two French-speaking women, Montreal editors from the Lou Lou shopping magazine. Affleck accidentally dropped a bag on one of the ladies' legs. He apologized en français, the National Post of Canada's Shinan Govani reports.
(New York Post)

COME ON! Can't you just hear fucking Ben Affleck in some cheesy "seductor" voice going "Well, excyooosay muah!" Apologized in French. What a dickhead.

THAT Rocco DiSpirito is the new face for Martini & Rossi.
(New York Post)

Martini & Rossi had an old face?

LINDSAY Lohan is still upset at Ashlee Simpson for "stealing" her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, last year.
When Ashlee arrived with her sister, Jessica, Saturday night for Lohan's party at the Standard in L.A. after the MTV Movie Awards, there was almost "a catfight," sources say.

"Jessica and Ashlee pulled up, and as hotel employees were clearing a table for them at Lindsay's party, Lindsay supposedly found out and said, 'No way — they are not coming to my party.' And the guy at the door told the Simpsons that [Lohan] said to go away," our spywitness said.

The Simpson sisters then went to Jimmy Fallon's party at the Argyle Hotel, where Jessica was heard ranting, "That [bleep]. If she comes here, I will kick her ass!"

Sure enough, an hour later, Lohan ended up at the Argyle, where Jessica "went ballistic," spies said. "She was screaming how she was going to kick her butt, and had to be separated from Lindsay. Ashlee wasn't so upset, but Jessica was furious because she says she is a star and should be let in everywhere."

The trio ended up making up after Lohan "explained it was a mistake that they were not let into her party."

A rep for Lohan said, "Maybe their names got misplaced on the list."

A rep for Ashlee said, "Ashlee and Jessica had a great time at Jimmy's party, which was the hottest one of the night."
(New York Post)


Brad Pitt is taking on poverty and AIDS in Africa -- and the tabloids.

Finally someone is going to do something about the rampant poverty and AIDS in the tabloids. Bravo, Mr. Pitt!


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