Thursday, June 23, 2005

Frozen or Melting: Perspective

I feel like my brain has completely shut down. There's nothing going on in there, like that eerie silence when your refrigerator's compressor turns off for five minutes and you're like "Oh shit, all my food's getting hot!"

It has been so long since I have had an interesting thought or idea that I can't even remember when the last time was. Probably in March. Maybe it's the weather. I need that cool air to keep my mind sharp! SHARP AS TACKS! Now I'm all butter dish in the cupboard. Sure, it's easier to spread, but it's also disgusting because it's mushy and room temperature.

Since I no longer seem to be able to do for myself, please send all thoughts and ideas to:
Worker #3116
Cubicle D-489
5th floor, Bldg. 1


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