Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How Are We Doing?

McCullen:My iPod started working again today, right after I got the box and stuff to ship it back.
Worker #3116: Well, you should still send it. Even if it's working, you don't want to NOT get it fixed and then have that error show up again in a month.
McCullen: I know, but on the complaint form it asked if the error was continuous or intermittent, and I put continuous. But now it looks like it's intermittent.
Worker #3116: ...
McCullen: So now I'm going to go to jail.
Worker #3116: At least you'll have a working iPod.
McCullen: Where will I charge it? They won't let me charge it in my cell, only battery-operated appliances.
Worker #3116: ...
McCullen: Great! I'm just going to have to leave it in the common area and hope no one steals it.
Worker #3116: Here's what you do. Take your iPod—
McCullen: I'm going to have to do hard labor—
Worker #3116: LISTEN! Take your iPod and just leave it in your cell, for a couple weeks. Go to the library on your free-time, read up on electrical engineering and design a device that will transfer the energy created by your hard labor into a portable battery pack on your hip that you can then connect to your iPod at night.
McCullen: They're not even going to send me to a good prison, it's going to be some shitty prison off the coast of Malay or some shit.
Worker #3116: Sounds beautiful.
McCullen: Yeah, except I'll get malaria.
Worker #3116: From a black man/mosquito.
McCullen: From a pregnant black man/mosquito.
Worker #3116: Well, I guess from now on you'll be more careful filling out customer complaint forms.


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