Friday, June 10, 2005

I Think I'm Bored With My Life

This morning I watched the guy in the car behind me grin all crazy into his rearview mirror, and then pull down his sun visor and grin into that. Once he was sure there was nothing disgusting in his teeth, he rinsed his mouth with orange soda. Only the foulest assholes drink soda in the morning. But orange soda? That's like a whole new genre of nast.

The babies are gone. Neighbors took the babies to court and said stop crying, and if you're going to cry, go cry somewhere where we can't hear you. Now there is a sign up in the babies' house saying that it is available for rent immediately, and that they accept food stamps. There's going to be a crack family living below me, smoking up their crack, frying chicken, being shiftless and lazy with car parts on the porch. At first we will be at odds, but then we will become best friends and burn the houses of our enemies.


First, though, we might just burn down our own house. My landlord is such an asshole that McCullen and I decided the best course of action was to move all our stuff on the lawn, cover it with a tarp, and set 1307 ablaze. That would teach him. Teach him to SHUT UP.


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