Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm sorry, M.I.A., and I'm sorry, Gwen Stefani, but contrary to your musical declarations to the opposite, bananas are OUT in 2005. Every banana I've eaten in the past two weeks has been so disgusting. The other day I was leaving work and I bit into a banana as I got into my car and almost threw up and had to spit out this big gummy gob of mushed banana in the parking lot. And other times it's been gross too. I used to be really into bananas and stuff, but now I'm totally not. I'm totally outto bananas.

What's up, world's banana farmers? Why can't you get me a good banana? What, are you scared? Well fuck you, and fuck bananas, and fuck all of this. I'm out!


Anonymous mccullen said...

Bananas have not been in since 1999, which, perhaps not coincidentally, was the year that Destiny's Child released The Writing's On The Wall. Look for bananas to be back in a BIG way in spring 2006!

4:26 PM  
Blogger s. badazz said...

go banana!

1:06 AM  

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