Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh, and Tom Cruise

About 75 million years ago, a nefarious intergalactic warlord called Xenu rounded up the inhabitants of numerous planets, killed them, and brought them to Earth, then set off a chain reaction of cataclysmic volcanoes, which dispersed their thetans into the atmosphere. These thetans now fester inside the bodies of all humans. They are to be located in specific body parts and summoned out.

People who believe this:
John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston
Kirstie Alley
Jason Lee
Priscilla Presley
Lisa Marie Presley
Chick Corea
Isaac Hayes
Nancy Cartwright
Jenna Elfman
Danny Masterson
Giovanni Ribisi
Jerry Seinfeld
Patrick Swayze
Juliette Lewis


Anonymous Swimler said...

You forgot to add:

Kirstie Alley
Bart Simpson
Chick Corea
Issac Hayes

And for a real mind-fuck:

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Swimka said...

I mean, you added them.
I just realized that. I actually didn't read your list, at all.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous mccullen said...


i "call" on you to copy and paste the whole first paragraph of this blog entry to a google search field and see what google 'thinks you meant' to search for.


11:49 PM  
Anonymous mccullen said...


11:50 PM  
Blogger CosmicMojo said...

they got Seinfeld?

9:03 AM  

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