Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thanks a Lot, Dream-McCullen

I dreamt last night that I found a self-titled Bathory album at the library for one dollar. I showed it to McCullen but he said it looked like "a stupid book." I don't know why dream-Me cared so much what dream-McCullen thought of the album artwork, but I didn't get it, and now dream-Me will never get to hear "In Conspiracy With Satan."

The lies of Christ will lose
the ways of hell I chose
I drink the floating blood
defy the fury of God

I have turned my back on Christ
to hell I have sacrificed
I have made love to the Pagan Queen
the gates of hell I have seen

I heard the angels cry
I watched the witches fly
I saw the clouds of death
Slowly blackening the sky

I read the book of spell
I chimed death's ancient bell
and when I die I have a place
reserved in hell

In conspiracy with Satan

I ride the bloodstained goat
I let the brewage float
I have seen the reaper's face
and walked through eternal haze

I have kissed my master's hand
I have seen the children of the damned
I heard the demons call
and seen a thousand virgins fall

[repeat verse 3]

[repeat verse 4]

[repeat chorus]


Anonymous mccullen said...

Grant me the powers of thunder
And give me a sword forged in the raging Hell's fire
Lend me the eight legged black stallion of Odin and I'll have my vengeance, oh, I'll kill with desire

2:01 PM  

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