Monday, June 20, 2005

X Marks the Spot

Dear Enemies,

When you were having so much fun on Saturday night, who provided that fun for you? Crossovers did. So, where were you when I was throwing up? Maybe it's time to put the lies aside for a moment and admit that you are all back-stabbers, because you KNOW I don't drink cheap wine, and you know I WAS drinking cheap wine, and you did NOTHING to save me from myself.

Anyhow, Crossovers was an extraordinary success, and you should be looking for the new Crossovers "X Marks the Spot" myspace profile soon.

Worker #3116: Welcome to Crossovers, where smiles are welcome and tips even more so.
Totally Plastered Girl: [unintelligible] you [unintelligible] blow-job [unintelligible] it just seems like the polite thing to do.
Worker #3116: What?
Totally Plastered Girl: You are so cute.
Worker #3116: Thank you.
Totally Plastered Girl: I need to go home.
Worker #3116: Okay.
Totally Plastered Girl: When you see your girlfriend, tell her that you met an amazing woman.
Worker #3116: I will.
Totally Plastered Girl: Tell your girlfriend you met an amazing 36-year-old woman with two kids.
Worker #3116: ...


Blogger s. badazz said...

travis didn't even hold your hair back?

1:02 PM  

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