Monday, June 13, 2005


Friday Night Zoo:
MTV refuses to broadcast 7,0000 episodes of NeXt! in a row, so Worker #3116 is forced to watch a broken Sopranos DVD that does not work, and then other television before going to bed early. Also he cleans up the house a little bit with McCullen. FRIDAY NIGHT FOREVER!

Saturday Night Zoo:
Dinner party comes off like a dream. A dream about dinner. It is a good vibe. Everyone seems very jazzed. Neilgene brings his own hand-towel. The guest of honor (the_boroughs) makes mint juleps for everyone, which Neilgene takes to calling "Freedom Mojitos". No one eats the chocolate fondue, so we are left with one and a half pounds of pound cake, and a giant bowl of fruit that as of this morning had started to rot. This dialogue happens:

the_boroughs: McCullen, you look really strong, have you been working out?
McCullen: Help me on this one, there's got to be some rejoinder.
Worker #3116: He's been eating out.

Later, at the place we went to, where did all those people come from? And how come on the ride home Australia-This-Australia-That got very emotional when Jay-Z's "Lucifer" came on the stereo? "Could we please NOT listen to this!?!" She must have broken up with someone while listening to the Black Album. And I'm not about to get all up in other people's business, but doesn't "99 Problems" make a lot more sense as a break-up song?

Sunday Zoo:
Worker #3116 spends three hours at the gym trying to sweat out the toxins of the previous night's dream dinner party. That night at dinner with his family, this dialogue occurs:

Worker #3116: Easy on the food, tubby.
Brother #3116: I'm sorry I'm so fat.
Worker #3116: We all are.
Brother #3116: I make the world a happier place.
Worker #3116: You make the world a heavier place.

Worker #3116 laughs and laughs and laughs. Poor, fat brother #3116.

Morning Zoo:
DJ: This morning we're talking about a very important issue in relationships. Who do you think pushes love and marriage these days? I think it's the man, now, because we see that women is more aggressive in the work place, and when you see a woman who's working hard but then she still come home at the end of the day and takes care of you, you're like, "Oh, I got to hold on to this!"


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