Thursday, July 21, 2005

Are You Gonna Go My Racial-Metaphor-as-Told-Through-Eames-Chairs-and-Nu-Shag Way?

There's an article in today's New York Times about stars of song and screen who turn their massive fortunes and gender-playful attentions to architecture and interior design. It touches lightly on the whole Brad Pitt-as-guardian-of-the-sacred-keep-of-60s-modern thing, but mostly the article talks about Lenny Kravitz, who decided that he was no longer satisfied creating supremely shitty "funk rock" and that he now wanted to "funkify" the home environment, primarily in zebra print.

It's really a fascinating article, if you're into mulattoes with bloated egos who like to compare their beaded-curtain-tinkering to Tom Ford ("I'll bump into women on the Upper East Side who might not know me for my music, but they know me for my style," he said. Women like Dawn Mello, the fashion industry doyenne. "She said since Tom Ford, my eye is the best eye she's ever seen," he said. "She also kept asking me, 'Are you sure you're straight?'"), or who like to be mock-dismissive of a "compliment" ("I've become a reference, which I think is hysterical.") that was actually intended as a derisive word-snort, as in "Oh, those velour drapes with the gold foil leopard leaping out of a pile of syringes is soooo Kravitz!"

Anyhow, speaking of mulattoes, this was my favorite part of the article: "I love big monochromatic statements," he said. "Especially black and white," an aesthetic inclination whose racial relevance is not lost on him, "since my mother was black and my father white." Ha ha ha. He apparently shares the same aesthetic inclination as the legendary mullato of song and couch, McCullen, who likes to make bold statements by keeping some of his dirty clothes on the floor, and some of them on the back of a chair.

Biracial? More like biradical!


Anonymous Jason Jones said...

This shit is hot on the heals of the New York Times article about boy bloging about being sent to a de-gayification christian camp. It was put on the STYLE AND FASHION page!! What the fuck does the persecution of homosexuals have to do with style and fashion? The NYT style section is alarmingly out of the box

10:15 PM  
Blogger Worker #3116 said...

I think the NYT editorial board immediately places any article with a reference to Myspace in the Style section.

9:51 AM  

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