Friday, July 22, 2005

Did You Know That the Spanish Word "Fiesta" Actually Translates as "Surreal Racist Imagery" in English?

This morning, I saw this new Starburst commercial where this generic indie rock dude is sitting on the hood of his car with his generic indie rock sidekick and he says, "These new Starburst Bajas are like a fiesta in my mouth!" And then there is a shot inside his mouth of a Mariachi band (racial!) standing on his teeth playing some love song but then the teeth start to close and they jump onto the tongue, and one of them gets crushed, and another one gets washed away with his violin while his brother screams and cries because no one will save them. The Juice Is Loose.

This then reminded me of when I was on the N/R in Astoria and a Mariachi band came through and this gawking white couple was enthralled by the leader of the band who was playing a massive guitar--think that level of Super Mario Brothers when you get transported to that world where everything is HUGE!--and the woman went up to him after they'd finished playing and was like "What do you call that? Your instrument, what is that called?" The man looked at her like she was a fucking retard. "Guitaro," he said, and got off the train.


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