Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Eye Face, Hemp Shell, Fuck Head, and Iraqi Jane

The only real "surprise" on last night's The Realer World was that pretty much everyone in the house is in full support of the Iraq war except for the black guy who wears the hemp-and-shell necklace. Eye-Face even went so far, during an argument, as to say "They killed 4,000 innocent people on American soil and you don't think we have any reason for being over there?!!!" I was like, um, hey, Eye-Face, your brain is dumb because it has a piece of your skull in it. What made the whole thing painfully frustrating, though, was that, to date, not one single intelligent person has ever actually lived in a RW house, so while I would say that I side more with Hemp Shell in terms of opposing the war--at least the run-up to it, our supposed reasons for being there, and the intense obfuscation by the administration about our current goals, etc--I couldn't really get into his side of the argument either. It seemed to me that his position was less one of opposition to the war on political or ideological grounds, so much as antagonistic opposition to the housemate who had served as a military nurse in the war on the grounds that she's slightly overweight and probably has some self-esteem issues and he figured she'd be easy to push around. Even I had to cringe when he told her that she hadn't really been in the war so she didn't know what she was talking about. "I mean, you were just giving people food and medicine." Later, when he was eating lunch with Fuck Head (Eye-Face's blond love interest, who spends most of her screen time drunk, in American Apparel boy-shorts for girls, saying stuff like "I just wannna fuuuuucckkkkkk!" because, one must assume, her entire family is dead and she has no one to impress anymore) and Fuck Head was telling him that she really couldn't believe he would say something like that to Iraqi Jane, he tried to hold his ground with this awesome comment: "I mean, okay, she was closer to the war than we were, but she wasn't in it." You mean she was closer geographically, LIKE IN FUCKING IRAQ? He did eventually admit that what he said was wrong, and that he would apologize because he was a "man." Apparently, the way men apologize is to write a note on the back of an envelope and leave it on your bed, and then hide under the covers until you come in and say that you really appreciate the note because apologizing "hurts your pride". Iraqi Jane is really big on pride and things that hurt pride.

So realer.


Anonymous Jason Jones said...

No inteligent person? What about Heather B?

8:57 AM  
Blogger Worker #3116 said...

Ha ha.

Is it just me, or does it feel like the cast of the first Real World were all in their late 30's? It's like when I think back to the fifth grade, all the sixth graders in my memory still seem really old to me, even though they were only 11.

10:27 AM  

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