Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm because this is awesome / I was like wow how strange everything just bang

I'm writing 2 apologize 2 everyone 4 all tha times I wrote about dreams in my diary. I guess I thought that they were awesome dreams, and that this was a good place 2 write about awesome dreams, but what I didn't realize is that the YM forums r the place 2 write awesome dreams.

I had a dream that I was over at my friends house and he was my b/f in my dream and anyways. We were watching t.v. in his room and he is holding me in his arms so gently and lovingly. The movie gets scary and I put my face in his chest and it gets quiet and I hear his heart beat and he hears me crying. He says baby ut;s ok u can watch the movie now. I said no baby I wanna listen to ure heart beat. He's says first watch this part in the movie w/ me cause it has something I want to do w/ u in it. As we watch the movie he starts to gently kiss me allover. He says baby u r so beautiful and just to cute.He's like u don't know how bad I want to rip ure clothes off of u and explore u.He turns the t.v. off and candels light the room up and I'm like omg Justin this is beautiful he's like I would only do it for u baby. He's like I have another suprise for u but ure gonna have to get up. So he pulls the covers back and the bed is filled w/ roses. I start crying and he is like why r u crying I'm because this is awesome. So he starts crying and he just hold me close and he's like k I have one more suprise for u but u'll have to give me time and u can guess the rest from there.

Actually the dream that u read kinda gets sad cause were in his room and blah blah and were in the middle of what we r doing and we hear the door crack open and it's his mom. Thank God this is a dream so anyways Then his mom just walks away and we hear here crying. So we finish and then we go take a shower and go talk to her. By this time she is pissed.She was like Justin I can't believe you did that i mean i know ure going to and i kinda thought thats what u were doing but to walk in and see you two doing this really hurts me. But be glad it was me and not ure dad or anyone else.Justin u don't know how sad that makes me So he gives his mom a hug and he is crying and he's like sorry mom but it's been done. What do u want me to do. She say there's nothing u can do just pray god didn't let u get her pregnant.

It's kinda weird because the day after I had my dream I had to go to the store and he was working and he never makes eye contact or talks to me first cause he is so shy. Well sundayis when i had at went to the store and he did talk to me first he was like Hi Erin and he looked straight at me. he just smiled at me.

I had been crying before that because my mom and i had gotten into it.He looked at me like whats wrong but he didn't ask. I was like wow how strange everything just bang .

After the first part of dream it ended w/ his mom telling him that he needs to ask God he didn't let him get pregnant. Well the dream jumps a month and I am pregnant and we tell our parents they r like k w/e u did it. Then it jumps 5 months and I have the baby it's born premature and it's very tiny. It was born in the suv. lol (that last part is a inside joke between me and my ashley) But anyways thats where the baby was born in my dream.



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