Thursday, July 14, 2005

Julia Stiles, Still Alive!

JULIA Stiles was dissed by an angry cashier Monday night. A tired and "cranky-looking" Stiles went to Whole Foods in the Village, our source says. "Clearly she was irritated by the long lines, and as she passed a bunch of tellers to walk up to her checkout counter, the checkout girl shouted, 'Hi Julia!'" Stiles, who was slightly sunburned and with a "tall man," "shot her a death stare and spat out a short 'hi.' "Her unenthusiastic response prompted the huffy checkout girl to snap, "Whatever. You stank. Your dance movie was corny."
(New York Post)

Any reference to Save the Last Dance is hilarious, but when it's thrown right back in Julia Stiles's face, it's like shooting her in a barrel. Was that the last movie she was in? Whatever happened to Julia Stiles's career? How can she afford to eat at Whole Foods? a rare moment of confession: I saw Save the Last Dance, but I can't for the life of me remember why. Still, at least I only saw it once, which I can't say for the movie Powder, which I have seen in its entirety at least four times.

I like the part where the bullies think he's gay and beat him up, but really he's just admiring their perfect, not disgustingly-white-because-they-were-struck-by-lightning-and-now-can-harness-the-power-of-electro-magnetic-force-fields bodies. Powder was a fag.


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