Friday, July 15, 2005

Les Sketchy Liaisons

So, I was watching this documentary with McCullen last night called What the &#!*$# Do We Know?, which deals with quantum physics, quantum mechanics, perception, reality, etc. At one point this black child on a basketball court was explaining to the deaf pollster from the West Wing all about basic high school physics, most importantly how there is more empty space in matter than actual matter, and how nothing ever actually touches anything else because the electrons repel each other. It was at this point that McCullen said "So, since nothing ever touches anything else, why don't you not touch my dick with your mouth."

It was just a few hours later that we decided to write an adapatation of Les Liasons Dangereuses set in a trailer park, titled Sketchy Liaisons. Nothing says entertainment like high-stakes psychological games of sexual intrigue and domination, and extreme poverty.

"Hey, man, mah mama's gone, so if y'all wanna come over, I got some beer n' shit. What's that? Fuck yeah, it's cold. I want to destroy y'all's mind. What's that? I said I want to luhv you fer yer mind, girl, and I don't give two shits yer mah cousin."


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