Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Less Celebrity Gossip, More Celebrity Errands

I'm giving up on the celebrity gossip of Page Six, etc. When I say I'm giving up on it, I just mean that I'm going to keep reading it, but that I have something else about celebrity gossip that I want to talk about:

Gawker Stalker.

This is my new favorite celebrity gossip because it is so fucking boring, but at the same time so...awesome. "Mick Jagger eats lunch. I know because I SAW IT HAPPEN." That's the epitome of Gawker Stalker. "I saw Leonardo DiCaprio crossing the street in Chelsea. He was dressed kind of funny, but it was him." I also like how they'll slip in people like Mo Rocca. Mo Rocca? COME ON! Anyone who appears as a frequent contributor to NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! does not a celebrity make. With Gawker Stalker, though, you'll never have some snippy publicist denying that Mark Wahlberg bought a pound of baby russet potatoes at Dean and Deluca while drinking an iced coffee. NEVER. Their powers do not work here.


Anonymous oktiger said...

my favorite gawker stalker items are the ones where they are like, "that one olsen, i can't tell them apart, but the one who dresses like a hobo with darker hair and is really tiny was at the american apparel store at the same time as me. i mean, i was only there because my friend wanted to be, it was a real boring day. but anyways, she was there with 3 normal looking girls. one of them was kind of fat. and finally they left, i think because i was on my cell phone screaming to my friend about how i finally had an olsen sighting."

i love when the stalker makes the celebrity leave an establishment. what an accomplishment.

i also like the rash of heath ledger sightings on the same day in which he is either with the pregnant michelle williams or this other mystery lady making out all over town. like all heath ledger can do is impregnate a girl, cheat on her, and then go to two movies a day and make out with them both.

my new gawker stalker, however, is pinkisthenewblog.

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