Friday, July 15, 2005

Live Every Day as if It Is Your Last...Day...

It's funny how you can waste so much time worrying about something that may never happen, like wasting your youth concerned about getting old, or pinching pennies only to get hit by a truck without ever enjoying the money you saved.

Or, as in my case, you might get taken out by a case of terminal ear cancer, and it's like Stage 1 Hypertension what?

Why is getting hit by a truck the only surprise death anyone ever worries about? No one's ever like, "Live your life to the fullest because you never know when the end is coming. You might be flying high one day, and the next come down with a mysterious case of spinal meningitis that takes you out in a matter of weeks." Or "Enjoy it now, buddy, because who knows if you're going to get hit by a large plate of window paneling that detaches itself from the side of a skyscraper that was built in a rush to try and ease the concerns of antsy investors." I've never heard about ear cancer until I became afflicted. Just trucks. Stay the fuck away from trucks and you'll live forever.


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