Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You Choose Your Battles Always

I got an email this morning from the Human Rights Watch urging me to take immediate action in the Judge John Roberts nomination campaign by giving HRW some money so they could force congress to find out whether or not Roberts is supportive of gay rights.

Look, homos, I'm as supportive of the delegislation of anal sex as the next guy, but can you please stop wasting my time? Do you really think that George W. Bush is going to nominate someone to the Supreme Court who is vocal about his SUPPORT for gay rights? The fact that he nominated a candidate who doesn't have any public stance on the issue should be taken as a potential indication that he'll maybe in a dream take your side, but no amount of money spent on direct mail, cable advertising, grassroots mobilization, and petition drives is going to change the fact that George W. Bush is an asshole who is most likely going to put another asshole on the bench. It's time to move on, orgs. Put your money towards something useful, like starving refugees, prisoner abuse, or the imprisonment of Karl Rove.

There is an old saying that goes "Choose your battles wisely." The operative word is "wisely," not "always."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want everyone to listen to me now. I'm going to start saying this everywhere I can, but I might as well start here, since your diary has a readership in the high two figures.

John Roberts will be confirmed. That is a fact. No amount of bitching and wailing will change that fact. He is our next Supreme Court Justice. He is a conservative, but he is nothing like what I expected Bush to pick, namely a lunatic Ku Klux Klansman. To MoveOn, People for the American Way, et al.: THE MILLIONS YOU'VE GOT EARMARKED TO FIGHT THIS FIGHT WILL BE 100% WASTED IF YOU USE IT AGAINST ROBERTS. USE THE MONEY TO ELECT DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS MEMBERS IN 2006 SO IF REHNQUIST CROAKS, THE NEXT BUSH NOMINEE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET AN AUTOMATIC RUBBER STAMP CONFIRMATION. WE NEED DEMOCRATIC "ASSES IN SEATS" IN CONGRESS. Because next time, Bush will pick that Klansman or Klanswoman.

-- Clown Coffee

7:20 PM  

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