Tuesday, August 09, 2005

And You Know White Castle's Got Some Tits!

I tried to watch this last week.


I remember Spaceham talking one time about how he masturbated to C-Span just to see if he could do it (he could!). Well, this would be just as much of a challenge. You get to see some stuff, but mostly it's just modestly unintelligent (and modestly dressed! wtf?) girls talking about themselves. If I wanted to hear/see that, I'd spend more time with people.

Maybe this is better, but I doubt it. Have you seen the clothes they sell at Wal-Mart? Those are emergency body-coverings, for when what's underneath must never see the light of day.

All of this, of course, leading to the time China Jet and I were at Budget Grocery and a high-peroxided-hair-ed cashier was over talking to our cashier, who was missing several teeth, about her night.

Peroxide: On Wednesday me and Rick went out and I got so trashed I threw up, then I passed out and fell on my face!
Gummy Mouth: Aw, I wanna have fun!

Then there was the time I was working at Booze Corner and my colleagues and I were perusing an issue of Hawk that featured a picture of a nudie sitting spread-eagle eating beans out of can with a plastic spoon.

Put these stories together alchemy style and you see where I'm going with this: Hawk's The Women of Budget Grocery.


Anonymous way too bored right now said...

"Plus action footage of our six sexy sirens doing all sorts of things they don’t do at work: wrestling alligators, getting tattoos, bowling naked with a girlfriend and much more!"

Nothing hotter than two chicks bowling naked. And I'm not convinced that McDonalds employees don't get tattoos at work.

The wal mart one looks MUCH worse. check out the reveiws. I also like some of the other things the reviewers reviewed. Like this:


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