Monday, August 22, 2005

Ghost Ship DETONATE!

Ultimately, in the great wash of history, I think that I will be proven, if not right, at least more correct in my concerns over some of the narrative flaws in Ghost Ship. McCullen, despite having watched the movie, what, four times now?? still seems to lack a fundamental inquisitiveness towards plot holes big enough to drive a Ghost Ship through. I've listed below some of my concerns with some of McCullen's lack of concerns:

If the Ghost Ship guy is, like, this ultimate demon, why does he waste so much time scaring people? Why doesn't he just kill them and get it over with?
The Ghost Ship is caught in that circular current that runs it into those rocks, that's how it got a hole in its hull. He needs the salvagers to fix the Ghost Ship.
But if that's the case, then why does he scare them? Why doesn't he just wait patiently until they fix the ship and then scare them? It doesn't seem efficient to make them want to get off the Ghost Ship if he needs them there.
That's just what it's like on a Ghost Ship. People get scared.
Okay, but if he can use telekinesis..and, like, fill a swimming pool with blood without even being in the same room as the swimming pool, why can't he just fix the hole himself?
It took four of the salvagers to do it, it's a big job. Even in his corporeal form, the Ghost Ship guy can't do it by himself. And he doesn't know how.
He NEEDS to get himself a corporeal wetsuit and a fucking manual. Remember at the end when he claims that killing people on his Ghost Ship is just a job like any other, that he, too, is a salvager, just trying to get souls for the devil or something? And that if the Ghost Ship sinks then "management", i.e. the devil, will not be happy?
Well, if I thought the devil was going to be pissed off at me unless I patched a hole in the Ghost Ship, I'd learn how to do it.
He doesn't have time.
And how does he get on land from the Ghost Ship? What, he called a WaterTaxi? And how did he get those aerial photographs of the Ghost Ship that he had in that bar at the beginning, the ones he used to entice the salvagers to go out there with him?
He's a helicopter pilot. I remember now.
He has time to learn how to fly a helicopter but he can't learn how to spot-weld?
And they keep talking about quotas, like how he's got to fill his quota of souls to take to the devil. But after killing everyone aboard the ship in the 1960s, he has to wait every forty years to get five salvagers to come out and scare them? Seems like pretty slow going.
He needed them to fix the Ghost Ship.
We are going in circles.
Just like the Ghost Ship was going in circles. That's how it got the hole. That's why he needed...


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