Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I Love You So Much, Get the Fuck Away from Me

This week's RWR is going to be very short.

Basically, Eye-Face is back, but he has trouble getting through the day without crying. The way Eye-Face sees it, Fuck Head, who really, really likes him, is so great that she deserves someone who can "make her laugh all the time," and he doesn't want to burden her with the grief over Mom-Face's death. He doesn't want someone so beautiful and wonderful to have to worry about him! That's how much he loves her! It's very thoughtful, and he goes about expressing this love and concern by completely ignoring her.

Then Fuck Head drinks tequila and throws up.

Next week gets very real when a whole bunch more nothing happens.

Oh, but also: has this feature where you can watch deleted scenes and it's actually kind of interesting. If you think how boring the actual show is, you can only imagine what the stuff that hit the cutting room floor is like: the realest of the real. Maybe I just like it because it doesn't have the Kaiser Chiefs playing in the background and all of the clips are, like, about email and hamburgers.


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