Monday, August 22, 2005

It Was the Fake Tan That Gave Him Away

Last night, the police came to our door.

Policewoman: Is one of you McCullen?
McCullen: Yeah, is that Weather Report's wallet?
Policewoman: Yes. I've been trying to find her all day. Do you know if her wallet was stolen, or did she lose it?
McCullen: I don't know.
Worker #3116: She definitely said it was missing.
Policewoman: She's a hard person to track down. I only found [McCullen] because you used to go to Tanfastic together.
McCullen: ...
Policewoman: ...
McCullen: ...
Worker #3116: ...

Afterwards, when McCullen and I were debriefing each other on what happened I pointed out that it's weird when the cops come to your door late at night, like a movie or something. McCullen said that "Is one of you McCullen?" is the last thing he would ever want to hear from the cops when they came to his door late at night. "No," I reminded him, "the last thing you want to hear is ' Is one of you McCullen? We tracked you down at Tanfastic.'"


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